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Desire2Learn is a distance learning application that provides services to educational, government, and
corporate institutions. The program has five platforms, from analytic analysis of the users and their interaction with
the program, to a learning environment that allows teachers to create a tailored and personal style of instruction.
A few links below offer insight to the aspects of D2L that make it a unique, helpful program to educators at
any level.

The five D2L platforms
Desire2Learn has five platforms:
learning environment, ePortfolio, learning repository, mobile D2L, and analytics. This page is a starting point for
exploring whichever of the five you find most interesting.

Overview of D2L suite for K-12 schools
This page is specifically about D2L as designed for K-12 Schools. D2L offers services to a number of different types of
groups, but most of us are particularly concerned with schools.

Community Page
Desire2Learn has created a "community", which acts as a free resource to any user of D2L.
Through this link you can only read about the opportunities, unless you are already a client.
The point is to offer a spot for all D2L users to collaborate and communicate - mainly to share the different ways people
are using the applications available in D2L. It can also be used to share teaching and learning resources throughout districts,
colleges, etc.

Demos that explain the instructional design tool

The history of online/distance learning from 1960