Teacher-Composed Digital Jump-Starts for Academic Reading (Rance-Roney, 2010)

Teachers can use Photo Story or i-movie to create a digital story designed to jump-start students' comprehension of a piece of literature or content text.

A Digital Jump-start provides background information, develops schema, and introduces key vocabulary that will appear in the reading.

Example of Digital Jump-Start:

Introducing A Step from Heaven by An Na
by Corinne Cohen (2009)

Advantages of Digital Jump-Starts (DJs):

  • DJs are customized to students' linguistic needs
  • DJs intentionally provide language input (lexical/grammatical)
  • DJs provide multiple, repeated exposures to academic language (written and aural modalities)
  • DJs can be converted into a portable DVD format for the students to take home and listen to many times

"When students approach a reading with little or no schema for events or contexts, their comprehension often remains
at a surface level and the text-to-text connections, text-to-self connections, and an awareness of the relative importance
of concepts within text remain unanalyzed" (Rance-Roney, 2010).


Rance-Roney, J. (2010). Jump-Starting Language and Schema for English Language Learners:
Teacher-Composed Digital Jump-Starts for Academic Reading. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 53 (5), 386-395