Emerging Technology
Times Are Changing

What Is Emerging Technology?
"Emerging technology is defined as a media that is coming into view, coming into existence, or coming to commonality. It is an innovative technology that is reshaping the nature of education" (School Computing Wikia 1). In other words, emerging technology is technology that is becoming more and more used within the classroom. Computers, the Internet, and other network based technologies have drastically increased the access to information and have also increased the ability to learn. Technology is slowly but surely transforming classrooms into engaging and productive learning environments. Emerging technologies has also completely redefined the way teachers teach. In past years classrooms were a place where the teacher would write down notes on the chalkboard and the students would frantically write down everything they saw. Now teachers interactive Power Points, Smart Boards, and even PodCasts


Benefits of Emerging Technology in Education...

A study conducted by CompTIA (a non-profit trade association which advances the global interests of IT professionals and companies) showed that of 500 K-12 educators, 78% of them said that technology in the classroom has had an overall positive effect on their students education results and performances. Of that 78%, 65% said that students were more productive now than they were three years ago!

“Technology’s impact in schools has been significant, advancing how students learn, how teachers teach and how efficiently and effectively educational services can be delivered. With emerging technologies such as tablets and netbooks, interactive whiteboards and wireless solutions gaining ground in the classroom, the reliance on IT by the education market will only grow in the years ahead” (Carolyn April). - Director and Industry Analysis of CompTIA
1. Improved students performance - 78% said technology in the classroom had a positive effect on their students performances

2. Increased student productivity - 65% of educators said that students were more productive due to new technology in the classroom

3. Higher attendance rates - when students are able to use IPads and other tablets in class it makes them want to come to school

4. Resource Portability - some schools have an all digital library which allows for information to be accessed anywhere not just in the library!

5. Students can connect with each other easily - Twitter, Facebook, Skype, etc

6. Enables students with disabilities to participate - Sound Beam, Talking Calculators, alternative keyboards

Examples of Emerging Technologies

The "iPad" i-pad-class.jpg
iPad at Xaverian

  • Applications for Teachers
    • Quick Vocie Recorder
      • Record your class and use the playback feature to collaborate with colleagues
    • Discover App
      • An online encyclopedia
    • Pages for iPad
      • An app that allows a teacher to store all types of documents in many different formats
    • EduCreations Interactive Whiteboard
      • Create video tutorials and animated lessons on a recorded interactive whiteboard
    • ShowMe- Record your own whiteboard tutorials and share them online

  • Applications for Students
    • iMovie
      • Allows students to create videos for presentations
    • Times Table Quiz Map
      • Gives students an opportunity to practice their math
    • iBooks
      • Allows students to download ebooks and pdfs
    • Dictionary.com
      • Allows students to look up definitions
    • The Elements
      • The Periodic Table
    • gFlash
      • Allows you to create flash cards for studying
    • myHomework
      • Gives students the opportunity to see upcoming assignments
    • Easel Algebra
      • Interactive hands-on Algebra problems with instant step-by-step animation
    • ShowMe
      • Watch lessons from teachers on many different subjects and levels
    • Multifunction Ruler
      • measures lengths and angles of objects
    • Quick Graph
      • graphs both 2D and 3D equations
    • MathRef
      • helpful mathematics formulas, figures, tips, and examples

"Skype" SkypeInTheClassroom1.png
  • An online video chat program that allows students to interact
    • Benefits
      • A good resource for developing foreign language skills (this program has used for international "pen pals" to develop relationships)
      • Students and Teachers can use this for instances in which they can not attend class
      • Students can talk with each other through Skype which is helpful in group work and homework updabes
Second Life
  • An interactive online program that uses avatars for cyber interaction
    • Benefits
      • Allows an alternative class setting
      • Enables students to use their individuality to both create their avatar and explore the "Second Life" world
      • Can become a place for students to interact with one another outside of the school setting

Web-based simulators and interactive activities
  • Benefits
    • Enhances mathematics learning
    • Provides students with a visual aid
    • Applies abstract math concepts to real-world situations
    • Less time consuming than labs
    • More organization to activities having the materials online
  • Illuminations
    • Provides a library of interactive online activities and simulations that help make mathematics come alive for students in the classroom or at home

Advanced Calculator Technology
  • New calculator technology can now provide students with a colorful, more engaging way to explore math and science using real-world examples and dynamic graphing capabilities that help make connections
  • Latest graphing calculator competitors:
    • Texas Instruments- TI-Nspire CX Handheld
    • Casio- PRISM fx-CG10

Other Emerging Technologies Include:
  • Ebooks
  • Social Networking Websites: Facebook, Twitter
  • Blogs: Eblogger
  • SmartBoards
  • Laptops
  • Wikis

Negative Aspects of Emerging Technology

  • Distractions within the classroom
  • Reliance on Technology; what happens if technology fails?
  • Funding
  • Lack of People Skills
  • Overexposure to technology by students
Use the Discussion Board to create a blog about Emerging Technologies. You may select one of the previously mentioned technologies to blog about or you may do your own research to find another Emerging Technology that you would like to blog about. In your blog, briefly discuss the technology you have selected and describe both its benefits and potential pitfalls. By the completion of this writing assignment, you must answer the question about whether or not you feel that this form of Emerging Technology should be used within the classroom. In addition, please respond to a classmate's blog in order to create an authentic blogging experience.