Technology in the Classroom

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This wiki has been created to build information about the effective use of technology in education. It should be clear to most educators that technology is changing the landscape for learning at all levels. Strategies such as Digital Storytelling are becoming commonplace in schools K-12. Videoconferencing applications like Skype have become common and have spawned new strategies for Distance Learning. Students regularly engage in the use of such products as Playstation and X-box as well as online MUVE's, like World of Warcraft. That has prompted educators to look into such areas as Electronic Gaming for educational purposes. Google has a host of applications that can be used both in the classroom, and outside of the classroom to help educators and administrators plan, coordinate, and be creative. Access to resources has been an issue for schools in high poverty areas looking to use technology. As a result, engineers and educators are looking at new ways to use less expensive, hand-held devices in the classroom such as I-Pods, 1:1 Computing, I-Pads and cell phones. There is general agreement that students are digital natives and as such are highly connected through Social Networking applications, like Facebook. There has also been, for some time, a growing concern about a decline in English Language Arts skills. Part of this debate figures upon the ways in which students' health and ability to learn are affected by their attachment to cell phones, particularly in regards to text-messaging. In response, educators are looking at Technology for Literacy instructional strategies. Appropriate instruction for students with special needs as long been a hallmark of American education. As our nation's demographics change there becomes a greater need to focus on technology can better support English Language Learners.
In response to the increase of technology integration in the classroom, new methods of teaching are being invented. An emerging teaching method that is beginning to gain educators' interest is known as "Flipping the Classroom."

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- **Multimedia:** PhotoStory, Garageband, or Animoto

- **Interactive Whiteboard:** SmartBoard, Panasonic, etc.

- **Presentation Tools:** PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, etc.

- **Concept Mapping:** Inspiration, FreeMind, Freeplane, SciPlore

- **Video Production:** (iMovie, MovieMaker, etc)

- **Social Media (Web 2.0):** blogs, wikis podcasts, etc.