Blogging in the Classroom

Benefits of Blogs:

There are many benefits to using blogs in your classroom. Blogs allow and encourage students to:
  • have more ownership of their knowledge.
  • continue classroom discussions outside of the class.
  • allow quieter students to be actively involved in the class through a different medium.
  • Blogs allow students to have some sense of what they missed if they are absent from a class.
  • Blogs allow you (teacher) to introduce material to your students in a different manner.

What makes a good blog:

Some common characteristics of good educational blogs are,
  • Interactive, not static.
  • Regular updates.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Combination of text, images and links to other related blogs or websites
  • Parental Access

Ideas for implementation:
  • student portfolio
  • debate controversial topics
  • continuing vocabulary
  • online classroom for those who miss class
  • posting site for teacher notes and student responses
  • directory for links and videos
  • data sharing site for science labs
  • school newspapers
  • reflection journals
  • class websites


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